A Poor Man's Pocket

by David Garlitz

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"Following the success of his EP in fall 2012 and a mini-tour of the U.S. northeast the following summer, Paris-based songwriter David Garlitz will release his first full-length effort, “A Poor Man’s Pocket,” on January 14th, 2014. The album features eleven original compositions by Garlitz, as well as a version of Steely Dan’s “Your Gold Teeth II,” re-imagined as a Cuban rumba. Garlitz is joined by New Orleans native and fellow ex-pat songstress Alison Young on three of the tracks.

Garlitz’s songs combine the swing of Joao Gilberto, the wit of Cole Porter, and the sweet sincerity of Kermit the Frog, with a style Paris music blog Amalgame Musicale describes as “totally audacious, poetic, and romantic.” A native of the small town of Plymouth, New Hampshire, Garlitz played free-jazz in Philadelphia, learned Afro-cuban rhythms in Havana, and finally made his home in Paris, France, where “A Poor Man’s Pocket” was recorded.

After last year’s successful collaboration with Boat Safety Films on the music video for “I Wanna Eat You Up” (which hit 2,000 in only two weeks on Vimeo), Garlitz re-united with director Giga Shane for “I Like the Way You Move,” another music video masterpiece which perfectly captures Garlitz’s wit and humor, shot entirely in Super 8mm film."


released January 14, 2014

David Garlitz : guitar & vocals
Alison Young : backing vocals on 2, 5 & 11

Mixed by Nicolas David
Mastered by Thomas Vingtrinier
Cover photo by Yvan Fontaine



all rights reserved


David Garlitz Paris, France

George Clinton, Frank Zappa, and Sun Ra on a trip to Havana during Carnaval...

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Track Name: Hija mia (yo te quiero)
Eres mas tranquila que una monja japonesa
Eres mas brillante que los profes en Harvard
Eres mas graciosa que una bailarina rusa
Y tu voz tan fina y tan linda nunca para de cantar

Por tus ojos azulados
Yo iré hasta la luna
Por tu sonrisa linda
Yo iré hasta el sol

Coro :

Yo te quiero
Yo te adoro
Track Name: Your Gold Teeth II
Who are these children
Who scheme and run wild
Who speak with their wings
And the way that they smile
What are the secrets
They trace in the sky
And why do you tremble
Each time they ride by

Throw out your gold teeth
And see how they roll
The answer they reveal
Life is unreal

Who are these strangers
Who pass through the door
Who cover your action
And go you one more
If you're feeling lucky
You best not refuse
It's your game the rules
Are your own win or lose
Track Name: A Rich Man's Eye
A rich man's eye
A poor man's pocket
Time goes by
Like a bottle rocket
I don't even know what day it is (2x)

Some would say they'd seen it from the start
They'd seen where you were heading
They swore that it was beauty, that it was art
A true romance

Some say it was all a big mistake
The world just wasn't ready
You put out more than anyone could take
You shook it more than anyone could shake
All you needed then was just a break
And half a chance


Some would say that this is for the birds
A stone that's not worth throwing
They've heard you sing the song without the words
That hide the tears

Some say this is now and that was then
And the wind is always blowing

You still think fame is just around the bend
The hometown hero makes it in the end
It's just enough to let yourself pretend
For all these years


Some would say that this is all my fault
They'd say that I was willing
We seldom see the rocks that build the wall
A story's just a story after all
You're the one who's been there all along
To dry my tears
Track Name: Je mélange tout
I remember the first time we met
Tout était clair dans ma tête
Mais maintenant ma chérie
Your effect on me
Is making me complètement bête

Baby it's true
When I'm with you
Je mélange tout

Je croyais savoir ce que je voulais
J'allait tout droit to The top
Mais maintenant l'ordinaire
Est devenu extraordinaire
And the top seems a bit of a drop

Et quand c'est too much to bear
Et tu m'amenes à la country fair
La douce brise blowing in my hair
When that calliope blares, baby, tout est a l'envers


J'ai peur de faire une bêtise
I can't tell my zinc from my manganese
Et depuis notre dernier rendez-vous
My dog says meow and my cat says moo

Track Name: I Like the Way You Move
You don't even know how to do the Watusi
You can't dance the boogaloo
when the boys on your street start to want to move their feet
Then don't come runnin to you

Your idea of the frug is like a softshoe routine
A throwback to the golden age of the silverscreen

But you can
Shake it like a Babylon sister
Shake it like a polaroid picture
You ain't got nothin' to prove
You put your heart into the groove
Oh-oh-oh baby
I like the way you move

You almost got the hang of the fandango
'Til your feet got in the way
You're still mystified by the electric slide
And you can't spell YMCA

Your partner's just a simple victim of circumstance
You do the cha cha cha like Interpretive dance


You do the rumba when everybody's rockin
Then the band plays a charleston -
You're poppin and lockin

I've never been the kind of guy to criticize
Everybody's got their faults
But when the boys in the band go into a gentle tango
You proudly swing into a waltz

When they do the hokey pokey you just shake it all about
You mix the robot with the worm and turn it inside out

Track Name: Luna y mar
Yo que siempre vivo en la canción
bailando y cantando en permanente
yo solo puedo darte explicación
de que resiente mi corazón

ya sabes que te quiero
como puedo decir
como la luna quiere el mar
como un sol que deja de brillar
si yo
no te tengo siempre a mi lado

y con lo que vivimos tu y yo
tu siempre a mi lado cuando caigo
yo solo quiero darte lo mejor
y ahora traigo mi corazón

ya sabes que te quiero
como puedo decir
como una luna quiere el mar
como un sol que deja de brillar
si yo
no te tengo siempre a mi lado

como la luna quiere el mar
yo nunca dejaré deamarte
(y te quiero siempre a mi lado)

ya sabes que te quiero
como puedo decir
como la luna quiere el mar
como un sol que deja de brillar
si yo
no te tengo siempre a mi lado
Track Name: The Starlit Night of Her Eyes
The first time that you saw her
it was all in black and white
She was tapping out the rhythm of a foreign song

She didn't know her own name
She couldn't stand on her own
Without you by her side she was all alone

The way you once were
You won't remember
She make your cold heart
A burning ember
You'll love every minute, you'll love every minute of it (2x)
When she laughs you just want to make her laugh some more
You'd do anything to dry her tears when she cries
You will lose years of your life
Falling through the starlit night
Of her eyes

She travels with a zebra
And a black cat
She laughs to the rhythm of a distant drum

She doesn't speak the language
She never says a word
But there are other ways to make your feelings heard

Track Name: Ton petit bébé
Baby, ever since we met
You've taken over my heart
Now we're away, I've just got to say
Our love is strong even when we're apart

And baby, I know you wonder
Just what the future might bring
But don't be blue, just tap your shoe
And listen to the song I sing

Baby it don't matter where you go
I'll always be your bebecito
And baby it don't matter how far away
Je serai toujours
Ton petit bébé
Oo oo oo
Ton petit bébé

And baby, I know you wonder
How it's all gonna work out right
Hours of time on the telephone line
And sleepin' alone at night

And baby, I know you worry
That I might be untrue
But have no doubt, I won't flake out
I can't think of anybody but you

Baby it don't matter where you go
I'll always be your bebecito
And baby it don't matter how far away
Je serai toujours
Ton petit bébé
Oo oo oo
Ton petit bébé

Maybe gay Paree ain't so gay without me around
But baby nueva york really needs some work
Without you
Boop boop be doo

Baby it don't matter where you go
I'll always be your bebecito
And baby it don't matter how far away
Je serai toujours
Ton petit bébé
Oo oo oo
Ton petit bébé
Track Name: I Wanna Eat You Up
When you get that look
Late in the evenin' time
With your skin so soft and your eyes so bright
and your lips like cherry wine
Darlin,' when you hold me close
I hope you'll never stop
Ooo oo oo
I wanna eat you up

I keep my fingers crossed
Though I'm not superstitious
'Cause I know I know deep inside that I'm such a lucky guy
To have a baby that's delicious
Darlin,' on your fingertips
I would gladly sup
Ooo oo oo
I wanna eat you up

I wanna sop you up with a biscuit
I can hardly wait
Spread you out on a triscuit
And then I'm gonna lick my plate
Darlin,' on your fingertips
I would gladly sup
Ooo oo oo
I wanna eat you up

And baby when you smile
and even when you pout
my eyes start to roll, I lose all self control
and my tongue starts wagglin' out
Darlin' give me just one sip
Of your lovin cup
Oo oo oo
I wanna eat you up
Track Name: If You Break My Heart
I need pain in my life
I need my whole world torn apart
I need more drama and addiction
Heartbreak and self-affliction
If I'm ever really gonna be a star

You might just be the one to do it
Now I know this sounds insane
I'm just looking for a muse
To give me something I can use
And baby you're my prayer for rain

If you break my heart
I'll write a thousand songs
I'll get a double album out of it at least
I'll find that hook I'm looking for
Just as you're walking out the door
That's not irony, baby
That's just a disconcerting congruency

I won't get you hooked on drugs
I won't make you stay up late
We don't have to smash hotel rooms
Unless that's what you're into
Darling' all that other stuff can wait

I live the curse of a middle class white boy
Never worked an honest day in my whole life
I've never had a gun to my head
I've never had a horse-head in my bed
So tell me what am I supposed to write?


Sometimes you have to take a chance
Say goodbye to that drab and dreary romance
Trade it all in for some newfound independence
and a story for the grandkids that you'll have
with some other guy

Track Name: Blue Skies
Her eyes were the color of the evergreens
Swallowed by the deep blue sea
She could dream without sleeping
Lie without speaking
She's all he sees

He's waking up to tangerines and violins
He's howling at the distant moon
He lives wihout knowing
Loves without showing
He's on his knees

Well I know where I'm goin'
An' I know where I've been
Blue sky tell me all I need to know

They make time to the rhythm of a Zulu drum
The wail of a saxophone
They're reaching out for the throws
They're steppin’ on toes
It's all they need

Soft-shoe routine across the tabletop
Shadow of a red balloon
She wanders outside
He follows in stride
So peacefully


You can tell by her eyes that she's up and gone
She's living deep within the amazon
A washtub bass and a slide trombone,
She wanders on

A distant memory of a red balloon
Swallowed by a saxophone
She dreams without knowing
Lies without showing
She's all alone

Track Name: It's All Downhill
We reached the top just before sunrise
The trees get small, then they just disappear
Out beyond the rocks and snow there was nothing but sky
New years day and the coldest day of the year

I've got blisters on my fingers
From a hundred red guitars
I've sung a thousand little love songs
In a million tiny bars
I've played the highest note
I've learned the sweetest words
I've heard the warmest chord
I'll ever hear

It's All down hill
It's all down hill
It's all down hill
From here

We drove all night across the desert
The edge of the canyon was dusted with snow
Morning found us cold and stiff and bleary-eyed
Colors blazing in the valley down below

I've been walking in barefeet
Over miles of broken tar
Down a dozen dusty highways
Under a millon silver stars

I've sailed the seven seas
I've seen the farthest shore
I have climbed the highest peak
And known no fear


We followed that band all through the quarter
Zulu Drums Thundering into the night
The rain in our hair and the mud on our feet
Couldn't put out the stars in our eyes

I'd been searching for so long
Just to find my only one
From the moment that I saw you
I knew my search was done

(for you/i knew) I would steal and I would lie
I would trade away my soul
I would willingly deny
All (that) I hold dear