Young Bloods, Green Beans, and Spring Chickens

by David Garlitz



released January 4, 2016



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David Garlitz Paris, France

The swing of Joao Gilberto, the wit of Cole Porter, and the sweet sincerity of Kermit the Frog.

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Track Name: Young Bloods, Green Beans, and Spring Chickens
You got the world on a six-string
And it's playin' your song
It's a duo-hexadecimal vibration
They play it all night long

Just be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get the bone
You got to get down with a washtub basin
And a slide trombone

But that kudzu crawler's kreepin'
He's crawlin' up the line
Gets in while you're sleepin'
Takes up all your precious time

All you young bloods
And spring chickens
You can't hear it
But you know that clock is tickin'
Green beans
Keep on listenin'
The intertwining lines of space and time
Are gonna blow your mind

Well your hip bone's connected to your ankle bone
But you still can't move your feet
It takes a psycho-pharmaceutical intervention
For you to feel that beat

Your future's shining brightly
But you're waiting in the shade
Yeah you're sippin' on poor man's margaritas
Without the lemonade

But that kudzu crawler's creepin'
Now he's crawlin' up the wall
Time is all he's keeping'
But he's bound to have it all

Track Name: Cobra Fantastic
It's more than just a party
We've found a new solution
A perfect evolution

It's more than just a party
We've got a new vibration
Inciting your elation

We're comin' in from outer space
To groove it with the human race

Don't call it a comeback
We've been kickin' it all along
Don't call it a comeback
Cobra Fantastic's goin' strong

Ain't never seen nothin' like Cobra Fantastic
Ain't never seen nothin' like Cobra Fantastic
No you never seen nothin' like Cobra Fantastic
When Cobra Fantastic takes the stage
Everybody's gonna lose their mind

We're gonna take your body
Douse it with solutions
Ply it with ablutions

We're gonna take your body
It's just the right occasion
To test our new equations

We're comin' from the Planet Nine
To dominate the human mind

It's not an invasion
Don't worry, don't panic, there's nothing wrong
It's not an invasion
Cobra Fantastic's goin' strong


The fabric of your mind
Is like child's play to unwind
Just find a piece of thread and pull
You'll see, it's unbelievable
And there'll be no child left behind
When we enslave all human kind!

We're comin' to get you
We're bringin' you service with a smile
We're comin' to get you
You can see by now, resistance is futile!

Track Name: Daddy's Big Night
It's a cinch, the fix is in
The deal is done and it looks like a win
Mama and the bruiser's gonna paint the town red
And they're bringin' the twins

Been makin' plans since last Tuesday
Tunin' up that hi-fi and stockin' up on booze
Tonight's the night that it's all goin' down
There's not a minute to lose

Turn up the stereo
Turn down the lights
TV dinner's in the oven
Get the mood just right
Cause daddy's got the place to himself
Daddy's got the place to himself
Daddy's got the place to himself

Decisions, decisions
What's a boy gonna spin
Sun Ra or Frank Zappa
Depends on what state he's in
He can crank out the tunes or walk like an Egyptian
Or maybe put some time in on that Coltrane transcription

Time to take a break
Have another frosty brew
Just sit back and let the vibes flow through
Check the feed and update your blog
Or catch another skin flic or two


Lights out, it's getting late
After the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
The house seems so still
You never thought that you were gonna miss 'em
Now all you can think about is when you're gonna kiss 'em And your mind's spendin' all of your cold hard cash
But your body won't foot the bill