Live in Paris

by the David Garlitz Trio

Another Man's Groove
Take it Slow
You Gotta Move
Hide the Pocket


This is the debut recording of the David Garlitz Trio, recorded live on June 27th, 2014, at a charming little bar in Paris called the Chair de Poule. It was only the band's second performance together in front of a live audience, and it is a testament to the abilities of the rhythm section (Karl Jannuska on the drums and Matyas Szandai on the double bass) that the tunes were already so gelled and grooving. We had a great crowd, and a great sound engineer, Nicolas David, who captured the energy of the night in crystal clarity (despite a less-than state-of-the-art sound system).

We recorded the show just for our own uses, and to maybe share with club owners and the like, but the tunes were so cookin' that we felt we just had to put them out into the world. We hope you like 'em!

- Dave


releases 06 March 2015

david garlitz - guitar & voice
karl jannuska - drums
matyas szandai - bass

alison young - vocals on track 5

recorded live at the Chair de Poule, Paris, France, on June 27th, 2014.

sound recording and mix by nicolas david
mastering by thomas vingtrinier

all music & lyrics by david garlitz
© 2015 all rights reserved
cover art by david garlitz (based on photos by Yvan Fontaine & Nicholas Mead)

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Track Name: I Like the Way You Move
I Like the Way You Move

You don't even know how to do the Watusi
You can't dance the boogaloo
when the boys on your street start to want to move their feet
They don't come runnin to you

Your idea of the früg is like a softshoe routine
A throwback to the golden age of the silverscreen

But you can
Shake it like a Babylon sister
Shake it like a polaroid picture
You ain't got nothin' to prove
You put your heart into the groove
Oh-oh-oh baby
I like the way you move

You almost got the hang of the fandango
'Til your feet got in the way
You're still mystified by the electric slide
And you can't spell YMCA

Your partner's just a simple victim of circumstance
You do the cha cha cha like Interpretive dance


You do the rumba when everybody's rockin
Then the band plays a charleston -
You're poppin and lockin

I've never been the kind of guy to criticize
Everybody's got their faults
But when the boys in the band go into a gentle tango
You proudly swing into a waltz

When they do the hokey pokey you just shake it all about
You mix the robot with the worm and turn it inside out